Your ideal ingredients for writing incredible About Us page content Digital Marketing

Guest Post by Simon Williams from Persuasion Copy. Your About Us content is not about you. Seriously. It’s not there to indulge how great your business is or how successful you are, although it can cover those points. The page is there to win people over by telling a decent story. By showing them you’re human. Why should you care? It’s the second most visited page...

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The Challenges of Starting and Scaling a Startup in Ireland Business / Startups

Starting and Scaling a Startup in Ireland Guest Post by Tony Corrigan Ireland has a thriving tech scene. Our startup, TenderScout, is in Dublin, the capital city, but it’s encouraging to note that there are tech hubs across the whole country. A map plotting Ireland’s startup sector can be found here. All of the tech behemoths are to be found in Ireland (Google, Facebook, Apple...

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Do You Know What UX Is? Design / Digital Marketing

Guest post by Hollie Hoadley Do you know what UX is? We do, and we know how to use it! You may have been hearing the term UX being tossed around, especially if you’re in the online world. UX stands for User Experience and it commonly goes with design and all of the workings of how a user might interact with your app, webpage, product,...

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