Keyword Research and Content Marketing Go Hand in Hand Business / Digital Marketing

Use keyword research to develop content for your audience So you’ve decided to plunge head first into building your own website and you’ve gone live. After such a huge relief to get everything perfect, you’re twiddling your thumbs. You thought that the launch would bring in all these new customers. But things are still the same. There’s no influx of emails in your inbox and your...

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What it Actually Takes to be Successful Business / Startups

We’ve all heard of an ‘overnight success’- you know, that extremely successful company that seems to come out of nowhere. What you don’t commonly hear is the amount of time, effort, trials and tribulations a company faces before they even get out of the starting gate. Unlike in the movies where years of work can often be summarised in a short, cheerful montage (cue upbeat...

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The Struggle to Communicate Motivate / Travel

One of the amazing things about travelling is how easily people co-exist who have little understanding of each other. A smile. A nod of the head. A point or a gesture is usually enough to get you through most conversations. And life goes on. You don’t always end up with specifically that which you requested, but somehow you excuse the misinterpretation for the joy of...

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