7 Self-Imposed Limitations That Stop You from Traveling Travel

Everyone gets a little wanderlust sometimes, but not everyone is able to travel as much as they’d like to. If the only thing standing in your way is you, that’s actually good news. You have full power to control yourself and change your outlook. If you’re getting in your own way, all you need to do is find different approaches.

  1. I Can’t Take Time off Work!

Talk to your employer about what benefits you’re able to receive. If you have paid vacation, you won’t actually need to be able to afford take time off work. Some employers may allow you to work remotely, or even send you away on business related travels. While a business trip is very different from a vacation, this doesn’t mean you can’t spend your downtime sightseeing.

  1. I Can’t Spend That Much on a Plane Ticket!

If you’re looking at airfare for upcoming flights, it’s probably astronomically expensive. What you should be looking at is flights that are a few months away. Tickets are their least expensive when the trip is a while away. Booking as far in advance as possible can save you hundreds of dollars.

  1. I Can’t Budget For Everything I’ll Need On My Trip!

Food and hotels take up a significant portion of a travel budget if you’re living like a tourist. There are always alternatives. You can rent a room from a local for a week, and that local might even be able to give you tips and information about the area you’re visiting. If you’re staying at an actual house, you’ll be able to buy and prepare real meals, saving you a bundle on restaurant bills.

  1. I Can’t Figure Out How To Get Around a New City!

If you’re not driving to your destination, you’re going to need to figure out how to get around. Most places that see a lot of tourism make their public transit systems easy to figure out. New York City, for example, makes the subway system affordable and easily accessible to everyone. Amsterdam encourages bike tourism, where visitors rent a bicycle to tour the city for a day.

  1. I Can’t Travel Alone!

Yes. You. Can. You can, and should, travel by yourself once in a while. It’s not as scary as you think it’s going to be. Many people have devoted their lives to solo travel. Solo travel actually removes more limitations than it creates – you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s budgets, wants, or needs. You’re in total control of your trip.

  1. I Can’t Leave My Kids or Pets Behind!

Pay a close friend or family member to take care of your pets for you. If you have kids, you can take them with you. If they’re too young to travel, it might actually be good to let them spend some time away from you. Allowing them to stay with a relative for a little while will help them develop their independence while you’re off developing your own.

  1. I Can’t Afford To Stay Abroad For a Week!

Travel doesn’t need to be fancy or extravagant. Rent a van, take a road trip, and camp in some new places. It’s really inexpensive when compared to extended or long distance travel, and all of your camping equipment can be reused the next time you want to do some exploring. One of the best parts of road trips and camping is that you develop a more intimate relationship with the places you’re exploring – a clear advantage over guided trips that only show you tourist traps.


Changing the way you think can make almost anything possible – travel included. Stop tripping over your own feet and start looking at travel blogs. It’s time to pick the place where you’ll have your next adventure.

Photo by Oskar Krawczyk on Unsplash

Sienna Walker is an absolute fan of traveling and self-improvement. As a careers expert, currently supporting Aubiz, Sienna is often found online, sharing her tips and strategies with both travellers and job seekers alike. Feel free to follow her at @SiennaWalkerS.

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