About me

I have always had a passion for new adventure. Whether it be a new job, a new place to live, a new book to read, a blank page to fill… It seems to be ingrained in my DNA. So starting my own creative business is not unusual in any way for me. It seems a natural extension of who I am as a person. And so I find myself here on this blog site filling it with my thoughts, dreams and all of the knowledge that I have learned about life and business over the short space of time I have been on the planet. There are plenty of people much wiser than me, but I hope for those of you who take the time to read this that somehow it will inspire you to find your passion in this world and the courage to follow your dreams.

For most of my life I have thought that there was something wrong with my personality. I have never been very good at “sticking” to one thing as such. I have always had an eclectic taste when it comes to most things, including my career choices. This unsettledness has regularly unsettled me but now I have come to realise that there are millions of people in the world just like me – they are commonly known as entrepreneurs. A very popular group of people these days living in the fast paced world of ever-changing technology.


I have also come to realise that my eclectic experience in business has given me a very broad knowledge base to help advise small business owners, managers and train staff in the key elements to growing their business. Mostly I just love seeing them come alive again. It works for them (their business grows) and it works for me (I feel deeply satisfied). So my new found niche is a win-win really. You can contact me anytime you would like some advice, a chat or some help with your marketing – which is really what I major in. Thanks for taking the time to read “About Me”. I hope you enjoy my thoughts over the next few weeks, months and hopefully years.