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When things are going well for your enterprise, it can feel like nothing could bring you down. But, that feeling of flying high will, indeed, come to an end if you aren’t careful. We all know that successful business is about development. As such, a good product won’t be enough to see you through if you don’t continue to enhance it. Product development is, after all, the elusive answer to success.

Yet, always coming up with fresh ideas for the same product isn’t easy. In fact, it can become impossible. And, if you fall into a funk with your design, you’ll find it impossible to see a way out. When that happens, the more you think about possible improvements, the harder it will be to see any.


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When you get to that stage, it’s important not to panic. It happens to the best of us, and is what’s known as the aptly named ‘creative block.’.  In truth, there’s an easy way out. Instead of putting all the pressure on yourself, you need to let someone else in. Turning to outside sources is a fantastic way to make your product as good as it can be. To prove the point, we’re going to look at the two main sources you could turn to, and what they stand to bring to the table.

Your customers

You may never have considered it, but the most important people to turn to are your customers. If you’re gasping in horror right now, consider that these are the individuals who buy your product. As such, no one’s opinion matters more. With that in mind, it’s ludicrous not to take your ideas from them.

Of course, you don’t want to come straight out and beg for inspiration. But, there are other ways to gain inspiration here. Listening to negative feedback is always a worthwhile undertaking. Are there are recurring issues people seem to hate about your product? If yes, it’ll be clear you need to focus on these.


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You could even learn from your customer’s buying habits. Analysing data using systems like the embedded BI platforms offered by Izenda offers you the chance to get into the nitty gritty of what your customers do and don’t like. Some such platforms even offer the chance to see how they shop elsewhere. Knowing what they’re after this way will make your product development much easier.

Your staff

Other than you, nobody knows your product better than your workforce. Team members are the only other people who can share your enthusiasm, and understand the inner workings of your company. Yet, few business owners take the time to ask for their staff’s opinions on product development. It makes no sense.

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Whenever you’re feeling blocked, set up a brainstorming session. There, you can all talk through different ideas. As well as unblocking your mind, this will have the benefit of helping your staff get invested. When they’ve had a say in the design, they’re more likely to care about what they’re selling.


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