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Lacking Blog Inspiration? Try Switching Up Your Surroundings Creative Writing / Travel

Everyone that falls under the writing profession umbrella has felt the frustration of writer’s block, and when it comes to writing blog content that is creative and individual, the mental wall can seem even harder to break through. You can try cleaning and tidying every room in your home to embrace the saying “tidy house, tidy mind”; you could fill your office with new artwork...

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Cutting through the Noise of the Digital Churn Business / Creative Writing / Digital Marketing / Motivate

In an effort to rise above the rest, there are those of us who are truly committed to being genuine and somewhat original. We really think about what we are producing, what we are preaching and the standards we are delivering, and we aim to go the extra mile. Raise the standard. Stand out. Live louder then the masses who are screaming a similar message...

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Creativity and Visualisation Creative Writing / Motivate

In your mind’s eye, you see it. You are not aware of this function as it has become almost as natural as breathing. But within one thought: A new instance. A new objective. A new pattern. A new path forward. You stop to reflect a moment on the vision slowly expanding within you – Within your mind’s eye. There is a deep, inner power that...

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Room to Think, Create & Be Inspired Creative Writing / Travel

Guest Blog Post as it appeared for A-Frame Chalets @ Mokutu One of the challenges facing a lot of us today is the lack of “space” that is available in the day-to-day craziness that we now call life. With constant notifications vying for our attention, media oozing out of every device and expectations from colleagues, bosses, friends and families that we are always “on” it...

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The Writer’s Vortex Creative Writing / Motivate

By Dorothee Racette, Take Back My Day Publishing authentic content is one of the most important things you can do to set yourself apart, but finding time for writing can be hard when there are so many other matters competing for your attention. Many people wish they had more opportunity to write, not only to promote their business, but also because they have something important...

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