Why Good Design is Great for Business Design / Digital Marketing

There are so many facets of running a business these days that it is hard to focus on what really matters, at times. And now with the accessibility of so much information provided by the internet, it can be even more confusing. Where do you focus your efforts to get the best returns? What do you invest in and what methods should you be using...

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5 Ways To Make Your Website More Interesting To Visitors Design / Digital Marketing

In an ideal world, your website would be inherently interesting to the people who manage to stumble upon it. They would be naturally enthusiastic about your business, without any prompting whatsoever. Alas, this is the real world, and the only people who will be automatically interested in your site are your friends and family. We’re sorry! But we’re here to help. If your site is...

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Do You Know What UX Is? Design / Digital Marketing

Guest post by Hollie Hoadley Do you know what UX is? We do, and we know how to use it! You may have been hearing the term UX being tossed around, especially if you’re in the online world. UX stands for User Experience and it commonly goes with design and all of the workings of how a user might interact with your app, webpage, product,...

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Forgotten Words & Practises in a Designer’s Creative World Business / Design

Guest post by Smrita Jain It’s Monday morning, 10 am. We all gather around our conference table, some having their tea or morning joe. We start our usual struggle of understanding what the client is requesting. What we ought to deliver, when to deliver, how many, what material or platform and, most importantly, why! I Question Everything. With messy job numbers, project managers are clueless as...

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