How to Succeed Effortlessly Health

  Success Means Struggle The “work to succeed” approach doesn’t make you successful. Many people assume that working harder, longer hours, being “always on” etc. will finally – one day – make them happy. They will reach their goals and live happily ever after. Until then it’s routine toil struggle. Even in case you just work 9 to 5 without trying hard to succeed the...

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How Sex Can Help You as an Entrepreneur Health / Motivate

This is a guest post by Missy A. Garcia. Starting a business or running a business takes a lot of time, energy, and brain power. Entrepreneurs usually have less sleep and work longer hours than a 9–5er as well. So, a sex life often is something that gets pushed to the side during these stressful times. This can go for both sexes, but especially for...

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