Throw Off Everything That Hinders Motivate

There is a great and awesome purpose for your life. Whether you know it or not, you were not born to just to exist, consume, and die. Before you, a path has been marked out for you to walk, to run, to flourish on. A journey of massive proportions if you choose to align yourself with it. We cannot sit stagnating, waiting for purpose to...

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How Sex Can Help You as an Entrepreneur Health / Motivate

This is a guest post by Missy A. Garcia. Starting a business or running a business takes a lot of time, energy, and brain power. Entrepreneurs usually have less sleep and work longer hours than a 9–5er as well. So, a sex life often is something that gets pushed to the side during these stressful times. This can go for both sexes, but especially for...

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What’s Holding You Back from Startup Success? Motivate / Startups

The majority of people, probably including you, set countless goals in their life, but only achieve a small fraction of them. While some people set themselves grossly unrealistic targets, or simply don’t pursue them out of laziness, there are a number of common barriers that hold people back from realizing their dreams. Here are some of the most common barriers that could be holding you...

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The Sneakiness of a Distraction Business / Motivate

Hustle hustle hustle. Business is many things, but it is all about the hustle. Don’t like that word? Focus. How’s that one? Commitment. Discipline. The grind. We live in world that is always looking for magic pills and “ah-ha” moments. But the reality is – those are far and few between. And the work that we put in on a daily basis is actually what...

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