Where to Relax? 7 Most Laid-Back Travel Destinations Travel

If you’re looking to find a vacation spot that will let you kick back and be yourself, and where you don’t need to worry too much about sticking out like a tourist, look no further. Whether you’re looking for fun, enlightenment, or some sun, here are 7 of the most laid-back travel destinations to get your chill on. Boulder, CO, USA Clean mountain air, good...

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5 Tips to Building a Business While Travelling Business / Travel

A post with a difference today. I was interviewed by Timothy Hughes who is #1 Global Social selling Pioneer and Innovator, Speaker – Co-Founder of Digital Leadership Associates. Here is the video for you to check out, and get my 5 tips for building a business while travelling.  

Get Your Kicks On Route 66 Travel

There are many things in this wonderful world that we are free to do. So many sights to see, places go to, people to meet. However, if you have a summer off with nothing much planned, it’s time to start planning your Route 66 adventure… Where To Start Don’t throw yourself into it before you know when you will be able to do it. Get...

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The Struggle to Communicate Motivate / Travel

One of the amazing things about travelling is how easily people co-exist who have little understanding of each other. A smile. A nod of the head. A point or a gesture is usually enough to get you through most conversations. And life goes on. You don’t always end up with specifically that which you requested, but somehow you excuse the misinterpretation for the joy of...

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Take A Deep Breath on Norfolk Island Travel

Rushing from one venue to the another spoils a holiday. There are few people who want to spend their hard-earned break juggling bookings, deadlines and jostling with crowds. The quiet solitude of Norfolk Island draws visitors year-round and has become a refuge for those who prefer a holiday a little more unique and hassle-free. The Island is situated in the South Pacific, north of New...

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