Hesitant about outsourcing copywriting? Business / Startups

You’re not outsourcing copywriting? Why not? Are you a small business owner? Then I’m guessing you probably don’t have a copywriter on hand. That’s fine. But I bet you haven’t even thought of outsourcing copywriting. You’re probably writing all your brochure copy, marketing materials and blogs because you’re hesitant about outsourcing. What is a copywriter? A copywriter isn’t just any writer. They’re someone who writes...

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Creativity and Visualisation Creative Writing / Motivate

In your mind’s eye, you see it. You are not aware of this function as it has become almost as natural as breathing. But within one thought: A new instance. A new objective. A new pattern. A new path forward. You stop to reflect a moment on the vision slowly expanding within you – Within your mind’s eye. There is a deep, inner power that...

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What to do with a Great Idea Business / Startups

So, you’ve come up with a great idea for a brand new money-making scheme. It’s a game changer. Revolutionary even. And you can’t stop thinking about it. Everywhere you go you see opportunities for your business to flourish. You tell all your trusted friends. Your family are tired of hearing about it. You can hardly sleep because your mind just keeps rolling the idea around...

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