Throw Off Everything That Hinders Motivate

There is a great and awesome purpose for your life. Whether you know it or not, you were not born to just to exist, consume, and die. Before you, a path has been marked out for you to walk, to run, to flourish on. A journey of massive proportions if you choose to align yourself with it.

We cannot sit stagnating, waiting for purpose to find us. We must go searching, seeking, as one looking desperately for gold. We must be open to new opportunities, we must be willing to have our mindsets challenged, and our lives changed.

It all starts with one small decision to try. To get the ball rolling. To step off the ledge and hope with everything we have that we can fly.

You can fly. Today I am telling you, you can fly.

Throw off everything that hinders you. Literally just throw it off. There is freedom right in front of you.

Throw off the fear that holds you back. Leave it in the sidelines and show it what you’re made of.

Throw off the excuses that keep you stuck in the place where you currently are.

Throw off the worry about the future, it is yours to create.

Throw off the concern about what other people think. Be confident in your purpose, in the person you are and the person you are evolving into.

Throw away the pain. It only remains because you haven’t told it that it no longer has a place in your life.

Throw away the anger. Channel that passion into building castles of victory not deep dark crevasses of pain and loneliness.

Everything that hinders you, throw it off.

Yes, it is that easy.

Throw off the mindset that it all has to be so difficult. That doesn’t serve you on this journey. It will only weigh you down. The path is set before you, you just need to take one step after another.

The most amazing thought you can carry with you as you begin this new year is that you can step easily into a place of freedom, fulfilment and success by simple removing the obstacles that you have built up in your own mind.

Open your heart to your purpose. Allow your life to align with it. Then run towards it with everything you have.

Sharni-Marie x

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash



Sharni-Marie is the owner of the epic new marketing company Forj (M)arketing. She is a passionate marketer and business consultant with a huge vision to help small businesses forge their own way to future success. She loves to read and travel, always looking for experiences that broader her perspective.

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